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What is Vibrationality?

As human beings, we rely on our senses to process our world and provide us with an understanding of who we are in context to everything around us. We are all well acquainted with the roles that sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch have in our lives, but most of us are just scratching the surface in understanding what is referred to as our 'Sixth Sense'.

Most people perceive the world as 3-Dimensional in which everything has a discernable form and function. Things we can see and touch are solid, and these solid things create sounds, smells and tastes for us to experience. All of this makes up our reality.

Everything that is solid in our world is made up of atoms. An atom is comprised of a nucleus and a number of electrons that spin around the nucleus. These spinning electrons create a vibration (or frequency) as they travel. Due to the number of electrons and the speed at which they travel, each atom generates an electromagnetic field. This is what keeps the electrons in their orbit around the nucleus. Therefore, every atom in the Universe has a frequency (or vibration) which is a result of the atom's electromagnetic field.

The electrons spin so fast around the nucleus that the atom appears to be solid when, in fact, the majority of the atom is really made up of empty space. It is this space that the Quantum Physicists refer to as the Unified Field, meaning every atom in the Universe shares this empty space with every other atom.

So, in reality, our Universe is made up of mostly empty space (the Unified Field) with a very small percentage of solid matter. Our Third-Dimensional world is really much more Fourth-Dimensional. So what does this really mean?

This means that every atom in the Universe has the potential to communicate with every other atom. The cells in your body communicate with each other on chemical and electrical levels resulting in physical, mental and emotional responses. However, they are also communicating with your entire environment on an electromagnetic level as each cell is made up of atoms, each atom has a vibration and, therefore, the sum of these vibrations create a person's electromagnetic field. Since everything is made up of atoms, everything has an electromagnetic field. Those who are able to see or feel these electromagnetic fields refer to them as auras.

Our aura is actually part of the way we communicate with the world. Have you ever walked into a room and felt the tension without even knowing that people had just had an argument? Have you ever met someone and either felt extremely comfortable or uncomfortable around them? Your aura was picking up the energies of the environment. Our "Sixth Sense" is really the most powerful and accurate sense we have. This sense, coupled with our state of mind, will either positively or negatively affect our health. The higher the vibration of our energy field, the larger our aura becomes.

If you understand that everything in the Universe vibrates at a certain frequency, you will then understand how energy and illness can interplay. It is not a coincidence that you may experience illness when you allow yourself to get into a low vibration state. Low vibration states can occur when you do not eat properly, do not get adequate rest and/or exercise, and when you are stressed or unhappy, to name a few. The germs that make us ill live in the lower vibration frequencies.

Vibrationality is the term I have given to the energy work I do with auras within the Unified Field. The goal of Vibrationality is to raise and balance the vibration of your subtle energy field - the combination of the energies emitted from every cell of your body - in order to assist you in maximizing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Energy work is never a substitute for professional medical care, however, it is an excellent tool that you can use in harmony with traditional medical therapies.

Who Needs the Subtle Energy Healing of Vibrationality?

The subtle energy healing of Vibrationality may be of benefit to you if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Feeling disconnected, unfulfilled or empty inside
  • Not moving forward in life the way you would like
  • Unhappiness
  • Stress-related conditions
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Stomach Ulcers
    • Constipation/Diarrhea
    • Headaches
    • Irritability
    • TMJ Pain
    • Eating Disorders
    • Difficult Breathing
    • Loss and Grieving
  • Sleeping problems
  • Limited mobility
  • Pain

Again, this subtle energy healing is designed to work in conjunction with your medical treatment program and is not a substitute for professional medical care.

Every person is an integration of four separate and distinct bodies: their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and the energy level of these bodies are reflected within their auric energy field. When a person experiences any event or trauma within one field, all of the fields are affected. The subtle energy healing of Vibrationality simultaneously works on all four bodies.

The techniques used in Vibrationality assist you in identifying and working with your own innate healing energies and abilities. The goal is to return your body and mind to optimal balance and health. You will be assisted in experiencing the unique vibrational pattern of your body and in identifying the best techniques for you to increase your vibration and achieve your highest level of emotional and physical wellbeing.

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